In the Know-How to care for your candles!

If you are reading this section, you should be ready to light your candles... or already enjoying them and just needing the candle care info! Either way, lets get into it!

1. All candles should be placed on a flat surface, away from anything flammable or that can catch fire. Examples: your face, nose, walls, combustibles, material, clothing, window seals, bedding, hair.. you all are extremely smart and intelligent so I don't think we need to go on, do we?..Naw, you get it!! 🤗

2. All candles should be placed away from children and pets reach AT ALL TIMES!! Do not leave candle unattended, EVER..not even to run to the store or mailbox.. EVER!! 

3. All wicks are pre-rimmed, but if by chance once your candle is lit and the flame seems high (above the rim of candle or large orange flame), please snuff or extinguish immediately and trim the wick. Once wick is trimmed to desired length, you may re-light and enjoy.

4. We recommend all candles to burn no longer than 2-3 hours max for our 9-10oz vessels and 3-4 hours max on our 12oz and above vessels. It doesn't matter where, what type or who made the candles, vessels can get HOT! Therefore, we recommend burning in these increments to avoid over heating and combustion. Yall, do not leave that candle burning in the bedroom or bathroom while you are sleeping or during deep meditation.. EVER!.. I see you, now go and put it out..right now! Wickless candles add an additional hour to the above. If candle vessels gets hot quickly, please lower the dial on your warmer or allow to vessel to rest. 

5. DO NOT USE fingers, water, mouth, paper, lids or tops to put out candle! Use a snuffer or softly blow out your candle, from a distance. AFTER EACH USE, PLEASE TRIM YOUR WICKS!! Honey, if you don't trim that wick, you will have a wick of a time trying to get that candle to smell good!! HAHA.. candle humor!🤣 Trimming your wicks will give you an optimal burn time, keep your candles safe, smelling great and your vessels looking good!

6. If you are using a candle warmer for your candles, hopefully you ordered our wickless candles... If not, please know that placing a wicked candle on a warmer you run the risk of your wick being uplifted from the vessel. You will not be able to light the candles after this has occurred.

6. We know how much you love our candles, but yall..please refrain from burning your candles when 1/3 of your candle remains in the vessel. Easy way to measure-Put your first finger tip against the vessel starting from the bottom. If your candle wax is at the top of that finger tip, don't you light that candle..NOPE! ORDER MORE ASAP!! (You can also place that vessel on a candle warmer to liquify, once its melted you can pour it out in the garbage-not in the sink or toilet)

7. Ok, guess what now? Since you've followed all of these steps, you can now reuse your candle vessel! Grab you a paper towel or two, wipe out access wax and pull that wick out (if wick won't pull out, simply use a fork or spoon to uplift wick)! Dawn or any type of detergent used with warm water will remove any left over residue. Once these steps have been made, you can place on drying towel to air dry and BAM, Honey you can use your vessel as planter, pencil holder, desk weight or décor, etc.. endless possibilities!!

One last thing, Yall, do not put your nose up to that flame and use your hand to fan.. PLEASE do not do that.. we see you! 

We use humor, because we are a really down to earth Southern Louisiana family! We love to laugh and make people happy with jokes and videos etc,. With that said, please take heed to these warnings above. Candles are beautiful, smell great and create an amazing mood and overall experience. But at the end of the day, they are created to flame. Please be careful and follow all rules and warnings regarding your The Scent Gallery by Dia candles. 

Thank you for your purchase(s)..We Love Yall!


*All candles come with warning labels at the bottom or lids of candles. If warning is on lid, do not discard until you are finished with candle use.